I bet you can guess they're both from Zara right? I have been a big fan of Zara shoes for a few years now, and they litreally always have the prettiest shoes. Yes, the quality isn't the best sometimes and some of them can be quite uncomfortable. So for autumn I get leather shoes, which are quite pricy, always around £80, but worth it in my opinion. I got two pairs last year and they still look and feel amazing so I knew I can trust the leather shoes. ALTHOUGH I did buy a different pair of boots before these, they were really pretty but so stiff so they really hurt my feet and I had to exchange for these. I love these ones because they have fur inside, so I'm set for winter!
And the little loafers, well those are just so pretty and I was in need for shoes for work so they were the perfect match I guess. What do you think?
Have you got your perfect autumn shoes?