top ZARA| jeans GAP| jacket ARMANI EXcHANGE| clutch BIBA| heels DANIEL FOOTWEAR

Does anyone one else have that one pair of jeans you've been wearing non-stop for ages but they're just your favourite pair? You can already see thread coming out on mine but I love these jeans to bits. They're from Gap, which I think is the best for jeans (also topshop). Doesn't this lace top look white here? It's actually light blue in real life but I guess you can't tell here. I got it in the Zara sale for £6, what a bargain!
Maaaaan, Im so upset! My tan from Italy is peeling off :( My whole back looks like I have a disease or Im just dirty haha. 

p.s what do you think about my new header? Is it too much?

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  1. You look so gorgeous in this simple look, sometimes just throwing on your favorite pair of jeans and a cute top is all you need! By the way I love your header! Just amazing!!! The illustration really looks like you haha :) Xx

  2. Vau! Esi nuostabi :)

  3. Koki fotika naudoji?

  4. Super! Tik vienoj foto atrodo violetinė liemenėlė, o kitose juoda.. Kaip yra ištiesų?? :D


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