10 Jul 2014


top ZARA| jeans GAP| jacket ARMANI EXcHANGE| clutch BIBA| heels DANIEL FOOTWEAR

Does anyone one else have that one pair of jeans you've been wearing non-stop for ages but they're just your favourite pair? You can already see thread coming out on mine but I love these jeans to bits. They're from Gap, which I think is the best for jeans (also topshop). Doesn't this lace top look white here? It's actually light blue in real life but I guess you can't tell here. I got it in the Zara sale for £6, what a bargain!
Maaaaan, Im so upset! My tan from Italy is peeling off :( My whole back looks like I have a disease or Im just dirty haha. 

p.s what do you think about my new header? Is it too much?


  1. You look so gorgeous in this simple look, sometimes just throwing on your favorite pair of jeans and a cute top is all you need! By the way I love your header! Just amazing!!! The illustration really looks like you haha :) Xx


  2. Vau! Esi nuostabi :)

  3. Koki fotika naudoji?

  4. Super! Tik vienoj foto atrodo violetinė liemenėlė, o kitose juoda.. Kaip yra ištiesų?? :D