15 May 2014


I think all my readers know by now, that I am a shoe addict, and if you're a new reader, this is a fact about me. I was recently contacted by Daniel Footwear and asked if I would like to pick out a pair of shoes and review them. And the black sandals are from Zara, and of course, like always I couldn't stop myself haha :p

I am absolutely in love with them. I picked out a pair that I have been wanting for a long time. You can buy these here. The minute I opened the box I was in love. Maybe these are my favourite heels that I own, as of now. They are so sleek and beautiful. And of course you can match them with just about anything.
Perfect pair of heels I would say. I love the fast that the sole is leather! It's so soft, I don't wanna ruin it by wearing the heels haha. Anyway I cant wait to style these!

And these little black sandals are Zara Woman. Very comfortable, because of the chunky heels and ofcourse they're not very high. I thought they will be perfect for summer as I love wearing heeled sandals but my feet always get tired. I wore these to the fashionchick party and didn't have to change into my flats even when I went home, because these are so comfortable. They're suede so I am sure they will last a good few years.
Looking forward to wearing these this summer.

Also guys, I want to thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot to me. As you can probably see I have recently started to get many cool opportunities and I am so grateful for them. This means a lot to me and I hope you keep reading my blog!

p.s Dont forget to vote for me at the company blogger awards!!! Imagine if I won???!!! Oh my goodness maybe I would pass out for a minute haha! I know I pprobably won't win this year, as I am nominated with bloggers that have thousands and thousands of fans but it will be amazing to attend the awards ceremony and meet all the amazing people!
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  1. Love those shoes! And I hope that you win!! I voted and support you!!! :)
    It's funny how we are living parallel blog lives with all the opportunities haha




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