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Ever straight brazilian keratin therapy conditioner by Organix
I asked my instagram followers what they think about this brand and their products, before
using it for the first time. And I must say that the points of view were 50/50. Some said they don't
see a difference and some that this is very very good. After using it for more than three weeks,
 I can say that I am very happy with this brand, well the products that I'm using.
I got the conditioner and not the shampoo because I am more picky about my conditioners!
 But I must say this is very good for my hair. It has become more soft and feels thicker after washing it!
Also leaves your hair smelling a-m-a-z-i-n-g! 
Rating: 9/10

Moroccan argoin oil 
This product is like a compliment to the conditioner. I use this after I wash my hair, after I dry it, 
when I style my hair, or when I just want it to smell good! I actually really like this oil. 
Makes your hair shiny and very light and soft. I definitely recommend this to you guys. They had 
a £2 off salewhen I bought these products and I'm not sure they still do but
 you can find these products here.
Rating: 10/10

Bourjois blusher in 54 Rose Frisson
I have always wanted to try bourjois blushers, because I heard some good things
about them, so when I found this amazing bourjois set reduced from £25 to £10, I decided to get it
and give away all the items in the set as presents and keep the blusher.
I really like it , but I don't feel like using blushers in winter at all. So I am
probably going to be using it in spring/summer. But it smells very nice and the compact is adorable.
From trying it two times my rating is 8/10.

eos passion fruit lip balm
Oh god, I have wanted this for so long, so as I'm earning my own money now I felt like it's ok to
spend £6 on a lip balm. I got it on ebay, because they had a half price sale on most of them and 
it doesn't matter how much money I earn, I was not going to pay over £10 for a little
lip balm! haha crazy! I do like it, because it's different and smells delicious! But I don't really
think it's worth that much money. It doesn't do anything great to my lips, but I do find myself using it
many times a day anyway, kind of addicting, because applying it, is very fun! hehe
Get yours here. Theres different ones on the sellers page! Still half price and free postage worldwide!
Rating 5/10.

Zara woman | cherry
I picked this little bottle up when I was using my Zara voucher that Inditex gifted
to us, and there was a few pounds left so instead of wasting it, I decided to buy a little bottle
 of perfume. I picked it very quickly while my boyfriend was in the queue for me, and I picked
quite a good one. Smells nice and sweet but not too sickly.
I love it because it's a small bottle so I can carry it with me at all times. How convenient! 
Rating: 7/10

Eyebrow palette
I got this a while ago in Superdrug, for a very good price I must add.It does the job 
very well and I now prefer this to eyebrow pencils which I was addicted to for a few years.
It has three different shades, a white thing that I have no idea how to use because it's creamy?!?
Also a double brush and mini tweezers (can't find them! aha)
Get it here
Rating: 10/10

Loreal super liner |  YSL concealer
Love both of these! The eye liner is great for doing cat eyes and all those little curves above your 
eye lashes! (you know what I mean). I would rate it 9/10.
And the concealer is very very good.  I have been looking for a good concealer for a while now, 
because all the lack of sleep and tiredness has given me dark under eyes!:(( So
this one does the job for me. Rating: 9/10.

I have no idea what the name of the colour is, I got this in a set from tkmax ages ago.
Never used this, just found it in a box of little things when I moved to my flat.
Decided that the colour is pretty wintery and used it for the first time yesterday! 
Rating 8/10.

Kate Moss by Rimmel | KIKO make up milano.
 These are my two favourites for this winter! Especially the Kate Moss one.
I just bought a second one a few days ago! The colour is so beautiful and I can not stop wearing
it. The lipstick itself is the best I've ever used. Very moistured and doesn't make your lips dry. And when I want something darker I used my kiko lipstick in number 914. It smells sooo good! Get it here.
Rating for Rimmel 10/10. Rating for KIKO 7/10.

Here we go, this took forever to write up, so Im not even going to translate! hehe.
Sorry for phone pics again! Counting down the days to when I get my camera!!!


  1. Kaip smagu buvo pasiskaityti tavuosius atsiliepimus ir uzmatyti nauju daikciuku :)) as pati pirma karta isbandziau Organix sampuna su kondicionieriumu, tai esu patenkinta ir tikrai pirksiu dar viena, tik kitos serijos. Dvejojau del aliejaus, bet kad jau isgyrei, reikes suteikt jam sansa :)) saunus irasas!

  2. Man labai patiko šitas postas :) kuo dažniau tokių, nes įdomu skaityt ir sužinoti nuomonę :)

  3. antakiu paletej baltas kremines konsistencijos greiciausiai bus highlighteris:) as serlokas

    1. Bandziau kaip highlighteri naudot, bet nelabai kas gavosi. Ta mase tokia labai keista.

  4. Puikus įrašas! O nemanai, kad balta masė vaškas antakiam sulipinti, kad formą turėtų?:)

    1. Nee kazkaip nereikiaa net, kai tepi tuos 'seselius' kazkaip ir forma pasidaro

  5. Įdomus įrašas!

  6. Labai labai geras įrašas!
    Pati neseniai pradėjau naudoti organix priemones, tai irgi labai patinka :)

  7. ta balta masė ištikrūjų ir yra vaškas antakiams. :)


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