Coat, jumpe,rigns h&m, leggings,boots Zara, bag Louis Vuitton

Brrr it's getting cold now! Hope you like this outfit :) I love mixing fur and leather together (in this case its fur, leather and knit). Anyway, it's hard to resist Zara things when you work there and see and touch things you want everyday. I bought these boots the other day, and the price was making me think - do I really need these? I just bought boots from Zara, but I got them anyway, and I'm so happy I did. I'am totally in love with these shoes. I had a lecture today, and woke up very early (normally I'm up 25mins before it starts) so I thought I'd do my hair and makeup and look 'nice' today. (so stupid haha). Thank you to Patricija for taking the pics.
Have a good weekend.x