27 May 2013

SUNDAY 27/05/2013

Today we had a family day out in a Lithuanian country house where the Lithuanians 
were celebrating 'Sekmines'. It was a festival and it was actually so many times 
better than I expected! Me and my sister also posed for a few photographers
 in training (Brazzi Photostudio students). Mum took some behind the scenes 
pics for the blog.  It was such a nice day, with Lithuanian music, food, 
beer and warmth! FINALLY. 

Dress Diesel / blazer Forever21 / sandals Primark / watch RiverIsland/ sunglasses ALDO
Sister is wearing H&M skater skirt & sunglasses and primark top.

Haha thanks to the security guard for upgrading us to VIP, which means nothing 
at all. lol. Look out for the pics from the photographers in training!
 And let me know what you think of this outfit?



  1. Buvau pasiilgus tavo post'ų. Gražiai atrodai, kaip visuomet!

  2. Nerealiai tau tinka tokios spalvos!

  3. Gražios nuotraukos :) Man labai dailiai žiūrisi visas derinukas, kur tu su švarkeliu :))

    1. Man irgi su svarkeliu super, bet buvo per karsta ant saules su svarkeliu! Tai tik vaare prireike ;/ Dekoju!

  4. O, Lietuvele!
    Grazios labai nuotraukos!


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