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Hey, long time no see, right? I don't know if I want to keep writing, still trying to decide. I was away in
Lithuania for three weeks and I spent them with my closest friends and my amazing boyfriend.
 But for now, I want to show you some images from Mados Infekcija.
I am so grateful for the MI team that they were able to give me an invitation to the event.
I had a great time and met some amazing bloggers and people!
It was so nice to finally meet Daria from !
Check out some images. (Unfortunately I can not show you the images I took of the
collections because I am using them for my university project and I can not post them here).

Few days before the event I started thinking what I think every person that went there was 
thinking  'what the hell am I going to wear?'. I was actually not sure about my outfit, had to 
get my boyfriend and my friends to agree on it. I was taking a big risk, heels and a sweatshirt, bit crazy. But I think I done good.

(Thank you Daria for the images!)


(zmones magazine)

Any thoughts?


  1. Tikrai labai gerai atrodai (:

  2. Nice outfit


  3. Gražiai atrodai ! nenustok blogint :(

  4. Cool:)) superinis derinukas tarodai tikrai nuostabiai

  5. Nenustok rašyti! Būtų labai gaila netekti vieno iš geriausių lietuvių blogo! Na bet aišku, jeigu išseko mintys ar tiesiog nebesinori rašyti, mes tave suprantam. :) Sėkmės!:*

  6. Gabriele, žinau ateina vasara, prie kompiuterio būti iš vis nebesinori, bet nors sugrįžk čia į menėsį du ar bent jau vieną kartą, mes visi tavęs labai laukiame ir lauksime ;)

    1. Labai aciu uz komentara, netycia uzmaciau ir kazkaip pazadinai nora vel rasyti. Sakiau nerasysiu iki rudens, bet kazkodel vel mane kviecia blogas... ;o Aciu dar karteli!:*


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