Hey guys! Happy Black Friday!!! I already have a headache from all the things I want to buy today lol. There are so many deals on at the moment and I think it's the best time to buy all the Christmas presents for your loved ones and maybe a little treat for yourself. Below are my favourite items that you should be looking into because they are on amazing offer, but one of the items that stood out to me in the sales is the NEW GENIUS 9000 in Midnight-Black with cutting-edge Gum Guard technology.

 I have never seen a more beautiful design for a toothbrush, such a sleek black look. What got my attention is that it charges your mobile phone. I mean, technology is just getting better by the day. The NEW Gum Guard technology is the latest innovation for the world-class Oral-B App-supported brushing system – so the App knows how you can best take care of your gums. I have decided this will be the perfect gift for my brother who is entering his teenage years and starting to take extra care of his oral hygiene. 

At the moment you can get it for £89.99 down from £299 on Amazon only. 

This post is in collaboration with Amazon but all words and opinions are my own.