20 Dec 2017


Ever left all or some of your Christmas shopping for the last minute? 
Yes, we've all done it. I think buying beauty product's for the females in your life is the safest choice. You can never really go wrong if you know even a little of what the person likes. Below I am showing you some of my favourites this year.

This is always a good choice. I've never met anyone that doesn't like Bodyshop. There are so many scents to choose from, they don't test on animals and have so many products to choose from. And their prices are pretty good!
I always shop in Debenhams for the Too Faced Christmas sets that they do every year. The price is so good and you can try a lot of new products. I got this lipstick set for my sister this year. She loves Too Faced so I just had to do it. And of course picked up a 'Melted Latex' for myself.
It's a fairly new brand that more and more people are starting to love. I got this gift set for my friend, because she loves makeup and this set is perfect for the person who has never tried Charlotte Tilbury because it has a smaller size of all the popular products. That way they get to try the best sellers. The perfume is very mature so I am gifting this to my grandmother. It's too strong for me but I think it will be perfect for her. And look at that gorgeous bottle!
This is one of my top gifts every year. I think most women these days use eyeshadow so getting someone an eyeshadow palette is a really good gift. I don't really treat myself to eyeshadow palettes very often but I know how good it feels to receive one for Christmas. I picked up the new Urban Decay Heat palette for myself this time. 'Treat yourself' am I right? 
You can find this one at Debenhams.


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