24 Nov 2017


Do you ever steal your boyfriends hoodies? I do it all the time, and then get tagged on memes relating  to this subject on Instagram and Facebook haha! I have been a big hoodie fan for many many years now. It must be the tomboy in me. I don't often shoot in them, but when I am at home, it's my most worn item. Also in the summer, my favourite thing to wear on chilly evenings with a pair of shorts and trainers. It just looks cool and makes you feel comfy and cozy. 

Finding the PERFECT hoodie can be tough. It's like finding a new job, you don't know where you'll find it and how long it will take but even when you get it, it still takes time to wear it in. And boyfriends hoodies are already perfectly worn for you haha!

This Nicce London one stole my heart and I am so glad it's actually unisex. They make beautiful womens hoodies too but there is just something about wearing your other half's one isn't there? I love the colour of this because it literally looks like my eye colour in these photos, don't you think? I wore it today with black jeans and over the knee boots. And who said you can't mix classy with casual?


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  1. I blame you for my 0 account balance ����❤️


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