11 Feb 2017


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How are you celebrating Valentines day this year? Or maybe not celebrating at all? I used to ignore the 14th of February when I was single but since I've been in a relationship it's just a nice occasion to go for a nice meal or a drink with your loved one. We used to always give little gifts but we decided not to give anything this Valentines day, no need. However I did receive something that I think would be the perfect gift for a woman this Valentines day. It's the new Chloe Love Story Eau Sensuelle  from Fragrance Direct which smells divine and the bottle is beyond perfect. It really does stand out on my perfume tray. It's inspired by Parisian Romance and love padlocks on the bridge of Pont des Arts. (You literally have to 'unlock' it to open the fragrance). I love that.  Have any of you ever tried Chloe fragrances?  Let me know which one is your favourite below in the comments.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day this year!

You can shop Chloe Eau Sensuelle at Fragrance Direct by clicking here.

Photos by http://www.alleksana.com
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  1. Nice post Gabriele, perfume is always a good choice. My Valentines gift will be a bit unusual this year and my husband was a bit surprised when I asked for a gift card to a tattoo studio :) Gonna get my first one, a little heart or a love symbol for my baby boy, since he is the best Valentine gift to me every year and every day. Hope I can post some nice pics on my blog later..


  2. Beautiful photos! I love Chloe perfumes - I've got one of them on my wish list x


  3. Thank you Emma, they are great, happy to add this one to my collection :) x


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