E03A1A58-8FF7-4DB8-9BE0-3BF2597A3D01 You know, I was laying in bed yesterday and thought of this idea to shoot with LFW balloons in honour of London Fashion Week. Thank god for my blogger girls, we were able to meet the next morning and shot this in literally 10 minutes. We didn't even ask anyone to take a picture just used a tripod and the remote control on my camera. ( If you look closely you can see I am holding a phone, we could see what the camera can see! Cool right?) I am honestly so happy with the outcome. I love when blogger girls meet up and create content or come up with new ideas. I definitely want to do more of that in the future. It's so much more fun and interesting when girls support each other not just on social media but in real life too. Anyway, if anyone reading is attending fashion week, come and say hello! I am taking it easy this season and not doing many shows. More blogger events and just chilling with the girls. I am however looking forward to Paris Fashion Week. Now that should be fun!