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Jacket Tommy Hilfiger, Jumper Sabinna, Shoes Public Desire, Trousers Zara, Sunnies Aldo, Bag Next, Sweater Brandy Melville.

I felt so badass in this outfit on Day 3 of London Fashion Week! Puffer jacket, leather pants, big shades and perspex heels! Who said you can't wear a puffer jacket and clear, open toe heels? Haha, I broke all the rules that day. Also the sweatshirt on a sweater. Who cares right? I felt cool and that's all that matters. I got so many questions about this jacket and the shoes. The jacket is Tommy Hilfiger but it's sold out everywhere, I literally can't find any page that has this available. Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian wore this silver puffer jacket recently so I guess that made it sell out pretty fast. So happy I got it! I was actually thinking a lot before buying it, and I even got it for half price because I had a work discount at Tommy. Now I just think : Lucky me! The heels are amazing. I already own 3 pairs of clear heels from Public Desire and they are literally my favourite heels. They get so much attention, they're comfortable and the best of all they look so good! The question everyone keeps asking me is 'what happens when your feet sweat in these? Do they get foggy?' 
My answer is no. The open toe allows the air to pass inside and it doesn't fog up. I don't have particularly sweaty feet so my experience might be different to someone else's. 
Just to let you know, the shoes are 50% off and they also come with a clear heel! 
Happy Shopping :)

Photos: Comb