15 Jul 2016


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I was recently introduced to a new app called Badoo. Have you tried it? Badoo is a social discovery app, used for meeting and connecting with people. You can use it for dating, social reasons and best of all, when you travel alone. I remember a time when I went to Paris for 4 days and was all alone in the city so this app would have been a life saver! You can literally find people nearby. It was so fun to test it out in Notting Hill today and see how many people are nearby. There was soo many!  Im obviously not interested in dating or flirting apps at all but this one seemed different to me so I am happy to share it with you. This would definitely be the app I would have to have on my phone when travelling alone. Sometimes you just need a friend to grab a coffee with! And to those of you that make you think this is crazy - I've met soo many people in my life through online and social media and have made many great friends! It's worth a try.

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