P1019852 P2209906It's no secret that bloggers and fashionistas run around like crazy from event to event at fashion week and there are always a few things we must have in our handbags to keep ourselves prepared. One of my essentials is Vita Coco coconut water and coconut oil. This year they sent me a pack that lasted me through lfw. My favourite coconut water is the pineapple flavoured but if I want it less sweet I go for the original. Why drink water when you can drink coconut water which is so healthy for you? The mini oil is great too. I use it for my lips and hands because they are always dry from the cold weather of London but you can also use it for your hair or even cook with it! Such an amazing product. So happy Vita Coco did a mini version for us girls to keep in our bag. If you want to find out more click here.