11 Jan 2016


IMG_8585 IMG_8592 copy In the past few weeks I don't know how and why but I ended up with a few new designer leather pieces. Firstly let me say I hardly ever, or even never buy designer things. I love them, but I as a student could never afford it and there is always something else I need more whether it might be a new table or a lamp haha! Also growing up I never received designer things for any occasions so you have to understand how good it feels when I can finally treat myself with my own money that I worked for. This Moschino bag is actually a birthday gift from my boyfriend. He knew I was interested in the Love Moschino backpacks recently so that's what he was going to buy but they were sold out everywhere and instead of trying to guess what else I would like (Love Moschino is not my favourite brand if you know what I mean) he asked me if I would like to choose! So we were in Harrods and I chose this beautiful shoulder bag. I was looking for a bag this size for a few months, and was so relieved to finally find this and have it for my birthday! I've been wearing this one everyday since I got it and it's one of the most comfortable bags I've ever owned. It even fits my huge camera!

IMG_8620 IMG_8618
 I've been eyeing these Furla bags for a good 6 months already so when I saw this one on sale for half the price I was soooo tempted! It was the only one on sale from this style, and the colour is exactly what I needed for summer. The design is perfect, the colour is amazing, the price was too good to resist so I just didn't think too much about it and bought it. Thank god I did! I don't regret it at all. It's such a beauty and I've already fallen in love with it!

IMG_8609 IMG_8612 IMG_8614 This was actually gifted to me by Monshowroom.com. They kindly gave me a voucher to spend on their website and I found this cute little purse/card holder from See By Chloe and thought it will be perfect for my small bags. I have a huge wallet so when I take a small cross body bag I always just drop everything in the side pocket of the bag. But now I will have this which is just great! The leather is so soft and the colour is beautiful, complimented by the gold details. Really good choice!

IMG_8601 IMG_8607 Sadly my camera is not picking up the colour of this one, but it's a beautiful pale pink. One of my favourite colours at the moment. I was shopping in Harrods a few days ago for my sister's bday gift and while getting her a bag from Michael Kors, noticed these makeup bags on sale. They were half price which only made it £37 which I think is a bargain seeing as a leather makeup bag will last me years. The quality is amazing and love the amount of small compartments inside.

Which piece is your favourite?



  1. Furla bag is just amazing. That color mmm
    Lithuanians should be envy about english sales hah

    wishes, www.krstview.tk


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