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Last day of 2015. Hmm I wanted to write a long post about life and other things but I'll make this short because like always I'm running a bit late because I have to work. I just want to inspire you for the next year guys.

Never think someone is better than you because they're prettier. So many girls these days think they're everything because they were born beautiful. Not all of us got the good looks of course but there is no need to feel bad about that. Other get a good loving heart, a caring and funny  personality and so on. I must admit, it's hard even for me sometimes. One day I am confident with myself and the next I'm obsessing over girls on Instagram that have millions of followers and are soooo gorgeous they don't look real. But most of them have plastic surgery so I always remind that to myself. I really worked with myself this year to become confident with who I am and what I look like. I even had an opportunity to have my lips 'done' for free recently in exchange for a review of the whole process but I kindly said no. I have always disliked my thin lips but surgery is not the answer and I wish more girls understood that. All the young girls are now growing up into this world where every 3rd woman has had some kind of surgery. I'm staying natural for my children which I hope to have some day and the young girls who follow me and take example from me. Of course I cant promise anything but for now I'm happy that my mind is where it is and I am not dreaming of a nose job every minute of the day like I did when I was 15/16. I am not dreaming of it AT ALL.

Another thing I want to remind you is to never worry about what other people say about you. I was bullied most of my life. About the way I look, about where I'm from. They used to call me an immigrant at school, had a nickname 'green passport' from one girl because we Lithuanians had green passports at that time. I used to get bullied for my forehead, for my nose, for my legs. Anything you can imagine, those bullies had a way to find something. (I love my legs though!) Towards the end of school I started hanging out with popular girls and probably became one of them, which sounds stupid right now but I thought I was so cool! I still didn't agree to bullying other children like others did and I was still getting bullied no matter what 'status' I had. But one thing I can say is that I never used to talk back. I would never say mean things back, I would just take what they throw at me but I never once let it hit me. Then internet came, my blog, followers. I got bullied for that too. Anonymous comments are always the worst. Those people will say anything. But you know what, all the stuff I went through gave me the thickest skin you can imagine. I never once worry about what someone has to say about me anymore. I know who I am and thats it! So guys, never take any BS from anybody. Don't take it to your heart. It's not healthy and those people are either jealous or they are just really mean and don't have a heart. Just stay true to who you are. We are all special in our own ways!

Last thing I want to remind you for 2016 is to never stop chasing your dreams. Even if it feels you're standing still but in reality you're trying your best, the success will come. It might take a year for some people and 5 for others but success comes to those who work hard. I had so many amazing opportunities this year so when I look back I'm really happy about my year and what I accomplished. But you must never stop if you really want something, even if you're at the giving up point, don't!!! That's when life is testing you the most, you need to get through it to reach success.

 A few things for myself for 2016:

-Stop running late, get out of bed, Instagram can wait!
- Eat healthy, you're a woman now, and your body and health is important!
- Finish university on good grades and do something new in life.

Let's see if that works out, I feel like it needs to!
Have a nice New Years Eve tonight and thanks for reading my thoughts!

Happy New Year!


  1. I have only started reading your blog couple of weeks a go, but I just want to say that I'm loving it so far! You're such an inspiration x

  2. Su naujais Gabriele! Linkiu ir toliau taip kryptingai ir sėkmingai siekti savo tikslų, esi tikras pavydzys. " One day the people that didn't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you " - super. Manau jau dabar tie kurie tyčiodavosi iš tavęs žiūri savo pavydo persmelktom akim į kiekvieną tavo sėkmingą žingsnį. Nušluostyk nosis visiem, tikiu,kad vieną dieną matysim tave viršūnėse!

  3. Labai asmeniskas ir jautrus irasas :). Saunuole, zenk pirmyn! :)


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