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IMG_4524 So recently I was sent a huge box full of makeup from Catrice and Essence. If you didn't see on my instagram, you can check here. I wasn't expecting anything, a girl took my contacts before leaving a pr company and said maybe in the future the team will send me some makeup, I gave her my details and wished her good luck in her future. A few days later, I receive this huge box, open it, and get a mini heart attack. Every girls dream in my hands!!! I went over and over the makeup, looking at everything. Ofcourse that's a REALLY crazy amount of stuff, and I am so grateful. But I will not use it all, so I have been giving some away to my family and friends. Sharing is caring right? There are products and shades that don't suit me so I didn't want to waste it. Although I'm still testing bit by bit, I already found a few favourites. A few products in this picture are not from the box, I bought them myself, but since I'm talking about the two brands, I thought I'd include them.

Essence Soo Glow is an incredible highlighter. It comes in two shades. I have the pinky one. It's soo creamy and smooth, and when you apply it, it blends out perfectly and is not too shimmery. I have actually been using this more than my Benefit Watts up and the price difference is insane!

Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder is a compact powder that I put on after I've done my makeup, if it looks oily, this fixes everything. The five colours mix together to give you the perfect matte finish and it looks great. I have a few compact powders, this really works well with my skin.

Catrice Allround Coverstick. I actually recently finished my Dior concealer, which I was not impressed with by the way. So I was happy to find this wonderful cover stick in the box of goodies. It has vitamin E so it doesn't dry out my skin and blends out really well. Also covers my dark under eyes!

Catrice Eyebrow Lifter. I actually wanted to get this while I was in Lithuania, but I don't think it was out in the stores yet, as it was a new collection. So I was really excited to get this one now. It's perfect for when you're going for that 'glowy' look, or going out at night. It makes your eyebrow's look nicer as well, seeing as I still don't know how to do mine properly! haha

Essence XXXL Nude Lipgloss. I have a few now, and I love them. They come in beautiful colours, and when applied don't look glittery. Just a nice shine on your lips, and very soft texture. Love them!

Essence Longlasting Lipstick. You know what, these are one of the best lipstick I have ever tried. The same with the lip pencils, but more on them next time. The lipsticks are soooo creamy! They don't dry out your lips and they stay for quite a long time. I cannot believe they're like £2 each! I already have all the colours I think. But this is my favourite. A purple'y shade, I get many questions on this one in pictures. A must have!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, definitely check these two makeup brands out if you haven't yet. In the uk you can find Essence in Wilkinson's stores. And both brands are very inexpensive.
You're welcome! :p

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