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Last week I got invited to attend a fitness class with Swimwear365 and 16 other bloggers, ran by celebrity person trainer Russel from the Skinny Bitch Collective. He trains stars like Suki Waterhouse and Millie Mackintosh so it was pretty exciting to see what we will get to do. But my excitement together with my whole body died 5 mins after we were into the class! haha. It was really really hardcore. I had to pull out for a few mins at one point because I was feeling like I will faint any minute. But then I got back up on my feet and finished the whole class, which was soooo intense, but I can't tell you how good and worth it, it felt after. Well you all know that feeling after a good workout and this was that feeling x 5. It felt great! We also received personalised goodie bags and yummy breakfast from The Natural Kitchen. That was great because I had to start work at 10am so I was full till lunch. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that our class started at 7am? Crazy no? I cannot imagine myself getting out of bed at 5:30am but it happened. A big thanks to LabelPR for organising this for us, and of course a big thank you for the car in the morning, who want's to take the tube at 6am???!!! lol. I really enjoyed myself, hope you guys enjoy the photos! (Please remember this is 7am, when looking at my face haha). Peace!

SWIM365-__029 SWIM365-__080SWIM365-__059SWIM365-__177SWIM365-__169 Untitled-1IMG_2832

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  1. Negalėjai atsikelti? Aš 5:30 kiekvieną dieną pastaruosius 5 metus keliuosi... :D:D Anyway, atrodo buvo tikrai smagi diena!
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