IMG_3229Untitlesd-1ssIMG_3248IMG_3252 Using L size.

Hi guys, here is the long awaited full lips review. the whole set to me a while ago. Before they sent it to me, I actually bought the small size myself, but I was happy to receive all the sizes and have a play with them. To be honest for me, the biggest and the smallest work the best. The smallest one does the job, and the biggest one goes a bit bigger but the only minus is it leaves some marks around your lips as you can see in the after photo. They fade away in around 10-15mins but it's still quite annoying. I would really recommend full lips though. Just make sure to use vaseline before you start. And don't suck in too much because you could bruise your lips. I think I could go bigger but I am too scared to bruise my lips so I kind of don't try too hard. You have probably seen in some photos on Instagram that my lips look nice and full and I've been getting some comments too. I mean, my lips are not as small as they used to be when I was 14-15years old, they used to be tiny!! But they aren't big, and it's nice to have something like Full Lips to make them bigger without surgery or anything of that kind.
Give it a try! :) Shop here