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IMG_7759 copy IMG_7760 copy Hi there strangers! You will have to forgive me, and I am sending the biggest sorry to all of you checking in daily to see if I've posted anything. Every time I don't post anything, I feel so guilty and bad for letting you down, but you know it's not like me to not post for a longer period of time, and it simply means that I am busy or I really can not post. This time I was in Lithuania, and I just really wanted to relax and enjoy my time there without any work. Can you imagine studying, blogging and working weekends? It takes a lot of time. And a few days before getting back, I got really ill and when I came back to London, I dumped my stuff next to my bed, fell in and slept for like 20 hours. I was sooo freakin ill, with temperature and everything you can imagine. I literally have a huge pile of stuff I need to blog, maybe even two piles now, so I am going to prepare a lot for you! 
Thank you for checking in even when I'm not here to share with you xxx

Photos from Ali Sokoladine ( my favourite dessert place in the world). 

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