6 Feb 2015


IMG_7012 Hehe, just witching around! So sad you can't see the ears of this head piece, I got it on sale in Topshop, thought I'd use it for something one day. lol I am going to try and prepare a few posts for you for this weekend. I wanted to ask you, please let me know below, it means a lot when you respond to me. Do you prefer a few posts a week with like lets say two outfits and a beauty post  or a post everyday more or less with things I'm doing, what I'm eating, random posts, nice photos etc. So which one? huh?


  1. I like both, but I think it would be a nice change if you added food-related posts every now and then, maybe a picture and a comment or a recipe recommendation :) I really like the way you write ;)

  2. man atrodo, geriau keli kokybiški postai per savaitę negu tie kasdieniai postai, kurie yra rašomi visiškai paskubomis! o ir šiaip pagalvok, ar turėtum laiko kiekvieną dieną kažką postinti :)

  3. It would be nice to have a glimpse at your daily life as well. :) Maybe not everyday :) Once in a awhile ;)

  4. Lovve the headpiece it looks really cool on you! And I would love for you to post more random-everyday things, you always are good at those!! Can't wait to see you soon by the way! xx


  5. O aš norėčiau kasdienių. Manau, kad jie įdomūs ir šiaip norėčiau daugiau tave pažinti, juk esi mano mėgstamiausia mados blogerė!


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