IMG_9128 IMG_9125 IMG_9092 IMG_9085 copy IMG_9104 copy WEARING:
Pull & Bear jeans
Zara jumper
Vintage Ralph Lauren boots
Filippo Loreti watch
Reserved coat (

I was so over Fashion Week by the 4th day, I missed it that day, and on the 5th only went because I had two tickets to shows, priority, which means front row, but I didn't even go to the last one. I was so tired, I just wanted to get in bed and sleep all day. And my gap from one show to another was 4 hours so staying in the cold in Somerset house was not a good plan.
I met with Skaiste and Bibi for a little catchup and then ran home after taking some outfit pics. Anyway, it's over, and I am so so excited for Mados Infekcija! I am actually flying to Lithuania next week, and then going again at the end of the month just for MI. So exciting to hang with all my Lithuanian blogger friends again! If anyone is wondering, Mados Infekcija is like fashion week here in London or other major cities, but it's just two days and it happens in the evening for a few hours, where young designers showcase their collections, and the most stylish people and all celebrities come together to enjoy it! I am really excited and let me know if you're going! :)
Anywayyy, can you imagine I picked these Ralph Lauren shoes up for £16??? haha so crazy! They're not very much my style, especially the whole shape, but I love suede and fringe this season so I couldn't just leave them there, I'm guessing the people working in the vintage store didn't realise these were Ralph Lauren. Even if I never wear them again, I am sure they will be very welcome in my mother's wardrobe! Hehe.