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Hi guys! I am literally torturing myself to write these LFW DAY 1 posts, because it will just all add up otherwise and I will be too lazy to work out what goes first and blah blah blah. Today was the first day of London Fashion Week, and boy was it busy! So many photographers, fashionistas and models.  I went to my first show of the year today Jamie Wei Huang, and was absolutely thrilled that I got a priority seat in the front row!!! Say what? Oh yeah! And guess who was sitting right in front of me? Non other than Kendra Wilkinson, my sister is inlove with her so when I sent her a pic she freaked out ahaha. I was a bit freaked out too, kept looking at her, but didn't want to seem like a freak! lol It was so surreal to sit front row, and also one seat away from Sarah from ThatPommieGirl. I actually had a chat with her after the show and she's very sweet and down to earth!:) The show was very cool, very grungy, rocky but with pink and blue fur trims and amazing gloves, I didn't actually get my camera out for this show, which I now regret because phone pictures suck! After the show I met a few friends and we just hung out, had lunch and took street style pictures. In the evening I had another show by Ashley Isham, and having a priority ticket I thought I'd get to sit after such a long day but no, after letting us in like 20mins later than planned, we got shoved to the back, where I could hardly see, and my phone and camera both died 5 mins into the show. Just my luck ayee! Hehe, oh well! Better luck next time. The catwalk show was different to what I have been to before, but I enjoyed it non the less. Anyway, look out for my other posts, and I will chat to you tomorrow!

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