Swimwear365 are holding a competition to win a bloggers trip to Egypt and of course I am going to enter. I have always wanted to visit but haven't yet so this would be the perfect opportunity. And to go as a blogger with other bloggers and people from the fashion world? Oh yes please! I had to choose three pieces and say what I would use as a backdrop. Let me know what you think of my choices!
First images are mood boards I made and second ones are of the actual place we would be staying.

My first choice is this beautiful khaki bikini and I can imagine wearing it and being surrounded by palm trees, with loads of greens around. Anyone that knows me or reads my blog in the summer will probably know that I have a huge obsession with palm trees. I just love them. And just the colour green in general. And I think there won't be a problem with finding palm trees in the beaches of Egypt.

My second choice is this brown, push up bikini and this time the backdrop would be the sunset. When all the little lights in the area light up, and it's not quite dark yet, but the sky is blue, and there are shades of red and pink in the sky. And the water is still warm, the waves are gentle and the atmosphere gets really cozy. Oh wow, I am making myself crave summer! Hehe.
I think that would be quite nice for a photoshoot, just imagine all those beautiful colours! And somehow I prefer really neutral tones for bikinis, and I think this would go well.

And my last choice, is something to do with sand, maybe in a beach but I would even prefer a dessert. Oh, I have always dreamed of seeing a dessert. Then I would go for this greyish one piece, and maybe accessorise with some yellow, orange and green pieces and maybe some real Egyptian/ Cleopatra looking accessories. I think that would look amazing.
(Cannot find an image to match my moodboard, grrr!)

And check out http://somabay.com/ where you can find everything about Soma Bay in Egypt :)

I hope you have enjoyed my dreamy post, and I am sure this is making you all think of summer, all I wanna do now is book a trip to a hot country, but I wish it was just that simple! 
And now, fingers crossed!