IMG_6044 IMG_6045 IMG_6047 IMG_6042 dress NEW LOOK| jacket MISSELFRIDGE| shoes RIVER ISLAND| bag CHOIES| watch DW| sunnies FREYRS

It's 12 degress in London! Feels like summer, hehehe! It doesn't look like it, but it's actually really sunny today.
Sorry guys, I had to stop on this road and just take the pictures because I had a blister and it poped!! Ahhhh now its bleeding like crazy. Yuck. So now I have this SALE sign behind my head, lol. Oh well.
This outfit is pretty cute, obviously a bit unrealistic for winter but at least it looks good. hehe.
Do you realise how long my hair is getting? Woaah, I don't notice till I see pictures like this. I said good-bye to hair extensions, hair dye and straighteners in April 2014 and my hair if finally growing and looks great! I am gonna cut a little bit in Lithuania though, just a tiny bit.
Anyway guys, I am sure all of you know by now but I am the new blogger for a Lithuanian brand called Wear Mad By July. Which is an amazing brand and I have many secrets that I can't tell yet, but I will let you know everything soon!
2015 is gonna be MY year!!!