4 Dec 2014


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boots RIVER ISLAND| jeans ZARA| bag CHOIES| sweater VICTORIAS SECRET| coat VINTED.LT| sunnies FREYRS

Haha me again, with my crazy poses!
The VS fashion show has just finished and I swear, I wish I was there watching the show,
One day I will be, you watch me!!! And I will link it back to this post right now.
Lol, I know that if I believe it, it will happen so yeah! Dont judge me haha.
Now, I have a question to ask you. Please don't start being mean :( 
I have recently bought this rabbit fur coat from a girl in Lithuania and I don't know if I am ok wearing it. I thought I will be, but every time I wear it I feel guilty and feel like I can't wear it because there is so many people against it. I am from a country where 1 out of 3 women will have a real fur coat, because it's normal for them so I kind of grew up with people around me wearing fur. 
I don't know though, living in London, it seems like it's not such a great idea.
The thing is though, how can someone be against wearing fur but still eat meat? Isn't that even worse? Or what about wearing leather? Or buying and wearing diamonds? People die to dig those up. I dont know, I am a bit torn and I don't know what to do. It's definitely warm and cosy but yeah, I am not sure. What are your opinions on this serious matter?


  1. Perfect:) xx

  2. I only eat meat, eggs etc that are "free range". I do not want support torture and I believed I'd feel just like you wearing a fur coat :c

  3. Iš vienos pusės visas mėsos valgymas, kailių nešiojimas ir t.t. yra labai blogai. Niokojam ne tik aplinką, bet ir savo moralines vertybes. Bet iš kitos pusės, taip visada buvo ir bus. Juk neįmanoma išgyventi vien ant salotos lapų, kaip sakoma. :)) Arba kur būna, kur ale atsisako raudonos mėsos, ir valgo tik žuvį ir vištieną, nu tai jie vistiek gyvūnai.. lol :D ir sako aš saugau gyvūnus va.. Ta prasme, čia yra kiekvieno asmeninis pasirinkimas ir nelabai būtų galima teisti.. Vat kad ir tiek, kurie medžioja savo malonumui, kad galėtų namuose iškamšas laikyt, nu ofc negražu, neetiška, galų gale iš dalies nehumaniška, bet jeigu jiem širdies neskauda dėl to, ar mes juos teisdami kažką pakeisim? Ar priversim juos to nebedaryti? Nemanau...:)) Tai tiesiog reikia galvotis kaip tau pačiai atrodo, ar gražu ar negražu tus kailinius nešiot..:)

  4. Tobuli batai!!!


  5. I personally think that if you think that eating meat or wearing fun, diamonds or leather is bad than you shouldn't do it, but I don't think you can justify wearing fur because eating meat is worse. If you want to wear fur and eat meat than you can, but if you feel like you have to justify it than you probably aren't so comfortable with it and shouldn't do it.


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