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Angel tea light holder white TIGER
Bambi and candy cane toys TESCO

To me, winter is the time of year when coming home after work or uni is the best time, because you come back to a warm cosy home, with the Christmas tree lit up, and it feels amazing. The day's are getting really short and I am finding it hard to take as many outfit posts as I did in the summer. It's also really cold and I've been ill for the past week and a half so it's not doing me much justice.
I thought I'd take pictures just around the home, to show you some bits. 
My mum got me this Yankee Candle advent calendar so every day you find a tea light candle from their Christmas collection. I am a bit addicted to candles at the moment so this calendar is great for me! haha. I still wish I had a chocolate one :(
Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you like these kind of home posts!:)