24 Nov 2014


Heey everyone. Sorry for abandoning you like this for over a week! I have been SO busy, my brain is about to explode. People ask me on a daily basis, how do you do it? Blogging, working and being at uni. Well, I do it, but I feel like I could kill myself. (JOKE) My brain is hurting from everything lol. I need a good holiday!!! I am going to Paris just before my 21st birthday, which is in less than a month! Arghhhhh. So I will calm myself in that beautiful city. 
Anyway, I promise more posts soon. Here is my interview for Panele Magazine. They did make some stuff up, like always, but nothing major. Just that I dont know my dad, but I do. And that I party with celebs.. lol what??? And that I met Anna Wintour. HAHAH I wish. 
But everything else is kind of ok I guess. Sorry to my english readers, I really dont have time to translate everything :( You can also read a little bit here



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