10 Nov 2014


Vinted.lt has asked me to share my clothing stories with you guys and I have two to tell!
Hope you enjoy them.

IMG_1623s IMG_1622
Cute right? I know summer is over, but when you see something like this for... WAIT FOR IT... £3.99 (!!!!!!!!!!!!) how could you not??? I am a big second-hand fan, so when I saw these Zara wedges at Oxfam for that crazy price I could not believe my eyes. I have been looking for these kind of wedges for such a long time (affordable price ofcourse). They remind me of the Michael Kors wedges which I absolutely adore! I do have one problem with second-hand stores, the shoes. It's really unhygienic so I try to stay away from the shoes, but these are brand new!
When I finally tried them on and ran to the till, the lady looked as confused as I was when I saw the price tag. (and not as happy as me obviously! lol). She then called another lady over and had a moan that these should be at least £25 but ofcourse, the rules in retail are that you have to sell it for the price on the price tag, so they had to sell it to me! I was over the moon with this purchase, couldn't stop bragging about it haha. Just goes to show that sometimes you can be happier shopping in second-hand stores than in high-street! :)

IMG_1606d IMG_1608 IMG_1611
A few summers ago, when I was a care-less teenager with lots of free time on my hands, I was really into DIY. I kept thinking of ways to make myself fashionable things that I couldn't afford. I really wanted a denim vest and seeing as I was in Lithuania, I couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to make it. It literally cost me like 10litas (£2.5) to make it! I went through a few different second-hand stores in my home town and found  an ugly denim jacket for 2lt. (50p). Got some bleach, cut of the sleeves, and played around with the bleaching techniques as I wanted it to have different colours or the ombre effect. I basically just tied it in the middle with a rubber band and left half of it in a bucket full of bleach and water for like 10mins. When I picked it up it looked amazing! I couldn't believe how good it had turned out. Then I just washed it, added some studs and that's it! How simple is that? If you are creative and have free time, or simply can't afford all those fashionable things, remember, you can always make something similar yourself!
Wanna see before&after? Click here

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