16 Oct 2014


Where and what are you studying?

I study Fashion communication and styling at middlesex university. Its a course about all things fashion. Many people not interested in fashion think we draw and make things but we don't. We have photography or styling based projects where we have to do loads of research about our chosen subject but its not just that. We put all our research into sketchbooks and present then at the end with the final work. We learn about the fashion industry, magazines, models, different jobs in fashion and so so much more. Its a very interesting course if you are not into designing and textiles but you don't really know what you wanna do either. When you finish you can become a stylist, photographer, model scout, work in pr, work in magazines, be an editor and so on. The possibilities are endless. In terms of my university. Its not the highest in the rankings. And I've heard bad and good things about other courses not to do with art/fashion. But the fashion and photography courses seem to be very good. All our teachers and tutors are designers, artists and photographers. We have an amazing new building with a Starbucks, mac labs, workshops, photographic studios, dark room,  textiles studios, a supply shop and much more. You have everything you need basically. The university has many buildings and different things to do. There are Costa caf├ęs, Starbucks, Papa Johns pizza, Subway, a bar (yes with alcohol!!! ), a 24 hour library, a gym and many more things. Did you know that Vivienne Westwood studied here? ;) cool right?


Whats your hobby?

I am such a busy girl but also a very lazy one so I never have time for hobbies. Once in a while I like making collages, doing some DIY on my clothes and other simple things like that but I never have time for that anymore. If I have any free time I tend to just lay there and scroll down on Instagram. GUILTY!!! Im so addicted its not even funny anymore.

Where do you work? Is it Zara? 

I get asked this a lot and still get emails with girls thinking I work at Zara. I did work there but only for six months from the end of last year to about March 2014. I hated it. I met a few great people but I really hated the job. It takes every last bit of nerves you have. The money is not bad to be honest but it wasn't for me. I don't want to go into it deeply but the managers were not good and when i quit it took me a good few weeks to get back to my normal happy self. Then after 2 months of not working and Harrods holding me in line for a 'job' which I'm not sure was even there in the first place... I got a job in Armani Exchange. I loved it there! I met amazing people, I made real friends, the managers were really really good and I just really enjoyed my time there. I worked there for 4 months and wasn't planning to leave but I tried my luck and got a job in Karl Lagerfeld so I had to take it. I mean it's Karl Lagerfeld!!!! So I started last week, pretty amazing if you ask me!
While studying in London or any city in the UK its really easy to have a part time job. Do not be scared about that, you will all get one if you really want it! 

What are your plans after university? Are you planning a family? Any countries on your mind?

I always said I don't want to live in the UK, but now while studying fashion I can really see why people say that London is the capital of fashion. Everything you can dream of, London has it. So I think after I graduate I will be here for a while. I am not sure what I will do after, but hopefully my blog will take me somewhere exciting! I am definitely not planning a family yet. I am too young (nothing against young mums, would love to be one) but I am a very crazy person and I need my freedom for as long as possible and of course I want to reach many goals before children come into my life.

How did you get a job in Zara?

All you have to do is login to Inditex.com or go to their office in Regent street and fill out an application. Then there's an interview and another one if you're chosen, I think. I got a call 2 hours after my first interview so I was over the moon! 

Why did you choose to study in London? 

I didn't. I kind of grew up here. (Moved here when I was 10). So obviously I wasn't planning to study anywhere else!) Student life in London is great. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. There are many students nights across London's clubs so it's really fun to go to those. I am not a bit fan of London's clubs anymore but it is fun to go out once in a while.

What inspired you to start a blog? How did you make it more popular?

The blogger that inspired me was Anette Haga at Nettenestea.com . I was always uploading loads of pictures to my facebook so I thought why not create a blog and make it like a diary of my life. It was perfect. I had finally found something so amazing for myself. I actually started blogging 3 years ago when I was 17. So my blog was completely different, you can see the first one HERE. But as time passed, I started growing up and of course the blog changed too. Now Im more interested in fashion and I think you can see that. The popularity question... I cant answer that. I wish I could stand on the street and promote my blog but Im not gonna do that (maybe I should) haha! But it just comes naturally. I mean it would be weird if after 3 years of doing something you're still where you started right? You just have to keep moving, do not give up and hope and dream!!!

 Where do you live and with who? Are you renting a room?

I live with my boyfriend in a studio flat 15mins away from my university. 

How do you stay so positive?
I don't know. I literally don't know. Something really bad can happen and literally after five minutes I will be making jokes. I don't see the point of being sad over something that happened. I mean obviously if its your family or your close ones its a different story. But if its a job, university or a silly friend... Come on get over it!!! Everything happens for a reason and I know that for sure now. If something bad happens, you lose your job lets say, that means God is going to bring you to a better place. ( or the universe lets say, if you don't believe in God). I don't know, I always go by the idea that everything happens for a reason! 

I hope I gave you some tips and told you a few things you didn't know! Like my university for example. Be warned though, it's full of Lithuanian people. Sometimes I feel like I'm in Lithuania haha. Anyway! My wifi at home is being annoying and wont work on my laptop so I'm having to write on my phone! 

Hopefully we get it fixed soon and i can upload all my outfits!



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  2. Wow Karl Lagerfeld? That's awesome!!

  3. What does your boyfriend do?

  4. Sveika, paziurejau, kad stojant i tavo univera reikai tureti savo porfolio Kaip mazdaug atrodo tavo? Idejai daugiau savo darbu pacios ar tiesiog visokiu iskarpu ir panasiai? :)


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