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 sweater GAP| skirt ARMANI EXCHANGE| leather boots ZARA| sunnies TIGER| clutch PRIMARK| watch KLAUS KOBEC

Autumn is here! And it's coming at as with full speed. It has gotten so cold recently that I even pulled out my winter gloves! lol. But come on, 3 days ago it was so warm I could wear this outfit and it was even too warm... and now, gotta pray for the bus to come in under 5 mins so I don't freeze. Haha, yes I am being too dramatic but come on!!! 
How do you like this new skirt of mine in a tweed material and this beautiful primark clutch. Did I say Primark? Yes I did!
And just look at the colours of those leaves! So beautiful.

p.s here is a pic with some real emotions for you. My friend Raminta was making me laugh!