20 Oct 2014

'ABOUT' baltic underwear

A big shout out to ABOUT, for sending me this incredible leotard! I have been wearing it to work under my shirt, because we keep the store door open and it can get really cold as you can imagine, so this has been helping me out. I love the fabric the most. It's so soft and comfortable I wear it at home also! Well basically, I have been wearing it non-stop Okaaay?? I do wish it was black, as it's a better colour to match with your other clothes, but this isn't bad either, with my dark hair and my new red nails! And do you like my collage? Oh by the way, can you tell I'm using a remote? I bought one from ebay for like £2 and I cant believe I didn't buy it sooner! Life saver!! haha



  1. Koki fotika naudoji??

  2. Love the collage! Very original! xx



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