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Today I want to share something really cool, yummy and healthy with you.
These amazing giraffe smoothies! They're made only from fruits. Nothing else. There's no sugars, nothing bad at all. I had a chance to taste all the smoothies and the juices and I must say, they are really good. Also, it depends on what you like and if you like smoothies at all. For example I am a smoothie freak so for me they were really good, but my friends didn't like them, because they don't drink smoothies at all. These are really good if you're trying to have a healthy life style but can't be bothered to make smoothies for yourself every morning. Sorry everyone, but these are only available in Lithuania, you can find them in Rimi supermarkets. In terms of my favourite, this might sound weird but it was the Pina Colada smoothie. When I first saw the flavour I was not very interested as I'm not a big fan of the cocktail, but the smoothie just tasted like pineapples and somehow it was my favourite. I even repurchased that one the next day. I really hope you guys give it a try!