24 Sep 2014


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Last week Bibi invited me to join her at the French Connection party. However it was nothing special. I think because it was not for bloggers but for public too. We are so used to blogger events that this seemed too crowded and there wasn't much to do. However it was nice to meet Bibi and chat about our blogging and just life in general. I was really impressed by the home section, it was so cosy, I want all the pieces for my flat. hehe.
Yesterday I was asked to shoot some images for an hour or two at the store that I work in. If some of you don't know it's Armani Exchange in Regent street. (But I'm off to another place in less than two weeks! I will let you know everything soon). Yeah back to yesterday. It was Vogue Fashion Night out and many stores had different things going on. We had a DJ and free drinks so it was pretty fun to shoot. Did you go to any stores yesterday?:)


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  1. You got some pretty good shots! I went to Vogue Fashion Night Out as well, so much fun! X



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