Today is my first Friday off from work since the beginning of summer, so it felt a little weird to have this day free. My plan was to stay in bed with movies and junk food, but of course the flat isn't gonna tidy itself and someone needs to buy food so I was pretty busy in the morning. I went food shopping,  popped into a few second-hand shops and cleaned my flat. I got this beautiful vase that I've been wanting for over a year but could never find one that wasn't £20. Come on, that's a lot for a vase haha. So I found this one for £1.25 and it was brand new!! The cashier said a shop was closing down and they donated them to the second-hand store. Lucky me! haha. And then I also found this cute leather bracelet with gold details for £1.99, I was tempted to take two, but thankfully I didn't. And then in Tesco, I ended up buying so much, I thought I will need a taxi to get home. Carrying all the stuff felt like a weeks worth of sports and working out lol. I found this cute little tea cup and these straws for milkshakes. And now I just had 'saltibarsciai' which I made myself for the first time ever. I used my grandmothers recipe and it turned out so similar! Yum!

P.S I am reading this Lithuanian book called 19minutes, which I am finding pretty interesting. I am going to Lithuania at the end of this month and want to purchase some good books out there, because I prefer reading in LT than in EN. So if you know any good ones let me know!