14 Jul 2014


Beautiful VS nighties from my boyfriend on our 2nd anniversary. 
Getting ready to leave for a day out with my boyf. 
 As we're both working a lot these days and don't have a lot of free time we just went for lunch and then desserts to Haagen Dazs in Leicester square and we're gonna do something fun in a few weeks. This dessert was amazing!!! But I didn't finish the chocolate ice cream in the end, too sweet as you can imagine!
 Wore my Diesel dress for the first time this summer. You know when you buy something absolutely amazing but you just never wear it?? We all have something like that right? Or is it just me?:D I begged my parents to buy me this dress a while ago and I feel the need to wear it at least 2 times every summer.
 Beautiful roses! And then we watched the final but I have no evidence haha. I was rooting for Argentina but Germany deserved it.
 Today was a great day to tidy my flat! And I did it... almost.
 Random rose pic hehe :p
 And then after spending an hour talking to 'talk talk' and 'british gas' and being very annoyed I had a knock on the door and my TRIANGL bikini was here! Thank you to a lovely lady called Emma who sent me this as a gift! Do you love it as much as I do???

I had two people tell me that they miss my old posts, where I tell you what I do daily, weekly etc, just my free time and stuff like that. I do realise that my blog is not as much life-style as it was before and it's mostly fashion now, so thank you to those people. Tell me if you like these kind of posts alrighty?



  1. Nereali suknytė. Puikus maudomas. O Arnas tai fotografu galėtų būti :D

  2. I like your lifestyle posts! You should do them more often :) And I adore the Triangl bikini!!! <3 Xx


  3. labas, Gabriele! pamenu, kazkada instagrame zadejai padaryti bloge irasa apie savo studijas ir universiteta. as netycia ji praleidau ar nusprendei neberasyti apie tai?

    1. Laba, niekad neprisiruosiu! :D Parasysiu kokia diena!

  4. Your lifestyle posts are interesting to read too!


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