18 May 2014


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It's so warm in London and it feels so good to finally wear shorts, I can not get over it. I am always cold, so it always takes me forever to step out in shorts when the weather gets better. Also am I the only one that feels like an alien when wearing shorts in London? I feel like everyone is judging me with their looks? Does anyone else get that feeling? 
Anyway, I love wearing denim shorts with white tops and shirts in the summer, best match ever!
But ofcourse it looks best with a tan, so I need to get it soon, hehe.

p.s My mum cut her old jeans about 4 years ago and gave these shorts to me, she said wear it or give it to charity. And since she gave me them, they have been my favourite denim shorts ever. I wear them every summer. The simplest things can be the best sometimes.



  1. Gražuolė! Paimčiau tuos batukus. Tobuli!

  2. You are right, the somplest things can be the best sometimes, and I think its nice that you wear the shorts your mum gave you :)
    Very cute blog! I think there is nothing bad about wearing shorts in sunny days in London, maybe people just think its too cold to wear shorts and thats why they look at you, but when I go to London and wear shorts no one looks at me in that way, or I dont see it I dont know.
    Anyway have a nice day!
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