sweater ZARA| skirt RIVER ISLAND (thrifted)| shoes DANIEL FOOTWEAR| bag BULAGGI

Damn it, it's so hard to make photos look good when I have to edit them on a little editing program and not photoshop *cries*. It ruins the quality completely but I don't know what's happening with my computer and photoshop, it just wont work! Anyway, I will work it out some day. Look at all those veins on my feet, ergh, looks like a 40 year olds feet. Is there anything to reduce them? 

Anyway, I've been kind of annoyed for the past few days, as I am waiting for a few things to happen and they're late. Like my parcels, the deposit from our old flat and a call about a job. So yeah, it has all been adding up in my head and causing stress. At least I received this lovely green bag from Lithuania, yesterday, by the brand Bulaggi, check out their facebook page, affordable and beautiful. Thank you for sending it my way, Absentta. It's absolutely gorgeous and to be honest I didn't expect it to be of such great quality.