Jumper TKmax| jeans Vero Moda(DIY)| shoes River Island| watch Fossil

Gosh, what a day. Sun, rain, sun rain. Even in the 5mins that it took to take these pictures the sun came out and had gone away as you can see in these photos. I love this candy floss colour jumper, which I got for £4 on sale! Haha, it's so cozy and I wear it at home most of the time.  This is the second pair of jeans that I've cut. I saved them from being thrown away and saved myself from spending £40 on a pair!
Pardon my hair, I really need to cut my dry ends, but I don't want to *cries*. I'm trying to use home-made masks and oils to restore it, we'll see how it goes. I hate short hair!!! On ME obviously. I always used to wear extensions, but they damaged my scalp from the clips so I finally put them away after 4/5 years of wearing them.
Anywayyy, enough of the chit chat, haha. What do you think of this outfit? I love the colours, and the white garage(???) behind me looks kinda cool!