28 Apr 2014


jumper H&M| top&jeans ZARA| bag VERO MODA| sun glasses RIVER ISLAND| espadrilles...read on

Omg guys, before I left today I made sure I am wearing a coat and even my fur that goes on the coat because it was kind of cold and not sunny. And I also wore my heeled boots so I look 'good' lol but as soon as we got to where we wanted to go, the sun came out and I was burning and my feet were killing from Friday night (dancing!!!) so I was in search for a cheap store where I can get shoes just for today. I am obviously not stupid and I wouldn't buy shoes that I will get rid of as soon as I get home, so we went into sportsdirect and I found these espadrilles on sale for £4.50! haha what a bargain! And you know I love espadrilles, so I had to get them, and they actually matched my outfit. This one's very  simple but less is more sometimes!:)



  1. less is more is the best :))
    puikiai atrodai, Gabriele! O tavo nuotrauku kokybe fantastiska. :)


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