15 Mar 2014


I featured these items in my February favourites post, but here is the review I told you about.
I purchased these Uoga Uoga products in Lithuania about a month ago, and I am very happy with them.
I am only doing a whole post for these, because I really appreciate when Lithuanian people create something and make me proud to be from there. I am not sponsored to do this!:) 
I have wanted to try these for a while and actually made my friends take a drive to Vilnius with me, and ran around Akropolis trying to find their booth for ages hehe.
Anyway I got there in the end, and with the help of two lovely sales assistants I left with a face cream and a lip balm. What I love about their products is that they're hand made, natural and smell amazing!

I always have a thing for nice smelling creams and lip balms, so I obviously had to go for the 'orange cloud' face cream that smells... yes you guessed it... of oranges! The most perfect scent for a face cream. I feel that when I use it in the evening it calms me down and makes my skin very soft and fresh. The great thing is, that you can use it as a foundation primer!: ) it works!
get it here
Rating 10/10

As for the lip balm... I went for the one named 'kiss me honey honey' and again it smells of mandarins and honey! I just love citrus flavoured things!  The lip balm is great. It makes your lips soft and shiny, and has no colour so I sometimes put it on top of a lipstick to moisturise my lips.
Get it here
Rating 9/10

When I first saw the products I wasn't sure about the packaging, but then I realised it's very well thought of and very easy to use every day. Another great thing, is that the products aren't very big and can easily fit into my makeup organiser!:) Of course though, I wish I had a big tub of that cream! haha
I really want to try some of their hair products so if any of you have tried something, please let me know what you thought!

Hope this post was helpful if you're planning on buying Uoga Uoga products.



  1. Buvai pradėjus rašyti ir lietuviškai,kodėl neberašai?

    1. Labai daug laiko uzima, o as jo visiskai neturiu!!!:(

  2. Oranžinis debesėlis tikriausiai mėgstamiausias produktas iš Uoga Uoga:) Lūpų balzamas puikus, bet kartais pernelyg sunkus ant lūpų.

    Gražus blogas!:)


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