16 Jan 2014


This picture pretty much sums up how I was feeling today, well most of today. Don't you just get
those days that you start feeling and thinking about weird things and the weather just
makes it worse. I mean look at that.... I was on my way to a shopping centre and it started raining like
 crazy, it seems that everytime I wear my uggs it starts raining later on in the day. And they say 
you can't make uggs wet...well mine got soaked the first time I wore them! haha 
But anyway, had a lesson today, which was pretty boring but I got through it, and then I made
a quick trip to a few stores to get my friend a birthday present!
I also received some parcels today, a jumper and my lens!!! Finally. Can't wait to start
shooting! hehe



  1. Sveikinu su naujuoju objektyvu!! O beje, jei ne paslaptis, kokia kamera naudoji? :)

    1. Ka tik pradejau naudot canon 600d! aciu:*


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