20 Jan 2014


As I wasn't doing anything today I decided to meet my parents in Camden to catch up and just hang out. Yes that does happen when you move out. :D It was a good thing that I did, because they met their photography course friends and they taught me how to work with my camera to get best results!A little education on the canon, seeing as I've always used a nikon.I am finally falling inlove with my camera, especially the lens!

These pictures are obviously the result of excitement and boredom mixed together...haha, after two Corona's I actually felt tipsy already, which is probably because I don't drink alcohol these days. I think I've drank alcohol like 4 times since July!! Go me! I also ran out at one point, with my stepdad, to a phone shop to check if my upgrade is due yet. And it is, in two weeks! Very exciting... oh yeah, because my phone died. Like literally. Didn't turn on anymore,so I took it to a repair shop and it's not fixable. Also after that made a quick trip to boots to get some foundation and baby lips! yum!



  1. Some cool pics you have here. I wish I had someone who could show me how to really use my Canon camera because I'm a total newbie haha. Great post :-)

    - xoxo

  2. Great pictures! Such Sundays are the best! :)


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