14 Dec 2013


I am so excited for Christmas as I'll be celebrating with my whole family this year. Also, my
cousin is here from Lithuania for the holidays so that's pretty cool. These days I don't even have time to look
in the mirror. I keep forgetting everything and I think I'm going a little bit crazy. Maybe I'm too tired.
Work is really taking all the last bits of energy I have and I can not wait for my winter break to start new week. Ahh next week...I'm saying goodbye to the teenage years... and turning 20. How sad.
This year went so fast, god where does the time go?
I can't wait for this holiday season! I am planning on buying a new camera, because
I don't have one atm, so my blog has been on the rock lately.
Also my boyfriend works in the mornings and I work in the evenings
so there's no one to snap my outfits! Maybe it's time I got a tripod....



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