19 Jan 2013


Yes yes, I have joined a gym and I love it and I'm so proud of myself! I am going to have a personal
 program written for me so I know what to do in order to achieve
 what I want to achieve. Exciting! 
Had a good work out yesterday and today was kind of painful, 
especially because I had a photoshoot early in the morning,
 out in the cold, while it's snowing.. Stupid winter.

I cannot even  begin to describe how cold I was during this photoshoot... 
Thought I'm going to die. Excited to see the images:)
Our day started at 6:30am...

Hot choc to warm up! xx



  1. jau laukiu fotosesijos rezultato! :)
    pati lankau gyma, bet man labiau patinka aerobika negu treniruokliu sale :D

    1. Gal greit gausiu fotkes!
      Jo man irgi istikruju :D Uzsirasem ir i klases aerobikos ir t.t :D


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