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The year 2012 has come to an end and I want to do a post like I did at the end of 2011, looking back at my year. 2012 was so brilliant, I hope 2013 is just as good! I want to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. (Sorry, truly late with this) Keep working towards your goals and you will achieve everything. I have a few things written down, that I must achieve so let's hope that happens. Hope the new year will help me figure out a few things too and will lead me in the right direction in my life.
Let's see..

We celebrated New Year with load of people in a country side, they say.. the way you celebrate, that's the way your year will be. We had an amazing sleepless night. That's how my year was:) Sleepless definitely. 

In mid-January, I started Thai-boxing. Sadly it ended soon for a few reasons. Hoping to get into sports soon again!

First time out -legally in February! hehehe! (Ministry of sound)

February is a month to remember! MOS every weekend!

Photoshoot with Chris Jarvis!

In March, I visited Belgium for five days.

Met Radistai!

On the 28th March, my baby brother Oscar was born.

Paris in April!

In May I got my amazing phone, if you're planning to get a galaxy s2, get it!

Jogging was my everyday thing-to-do for a few months. Oh happy days.

This was taken about 7 months ago.. time goes so fast.

Received my photos a month and a bit later from a shoot with Chris.

My favourite shopping spree of the year. Love every piece.

This was my favourite family day out of the year. Late May.

You know that feeling when you don't have to wear your coat any more  Then your jumper, then trousers... ahhhh warmth... 

First time at the beach that year...

In June Ausma came to visit me in London!

May and June went really fast for me and I remember perfectly how quickly college ended and I was off to Lithuania for the best summer of my life right the next day.

Back to my hometown!

Random outfit from a hot day in July.

Well this was a day to remember, when my friends collected over 3000 likes on a picture of their hairy legs! Hahaha!

Craaazy night!!! and oh I miss my tan...

Photoshoot with Skaiste!

Our amazing boys graduated!

Surprise bday part for Tadas!!

Just crazy days in Lithuania...

... and the day we ended up in Palanga :D

Had such an amazing 5 days there <3

Camping with my friends, few days of my life I will never forget. Ever.

Gintare's leaving party. <3

Trip to Latvia.

Craziest party of the year!

Cold but beautiful photoshoot in the swimming pool and the woods.

Two last party's of the summer. <3

First tattoo, done at the end of August.

Then, September came and Uni started. New life, new friends, new everything. Uni changes you.

Luckily we had a hot September and we were able to go on a little weekend get away with the family.

Amazing interview with Paradise Mag (

In September, my wardrobe started welcoming mainly black clothes and I started a co-operation with

Chris Jarvis contacted me again, and so we did a photoshoot!

Met a blonde version of myself in Uni and she is now my best friend! Then  for a few weeks all I done was study and party. Freshers, Uni, meeting new people. 

Hired Ieva as my new photographer, haha just kidding, but she does take some pics for me!

Celebrated Halloween three times!

My baby joined the family!

Me and Ieva got a job in Uni!

Was in a few friends' video.

Jamie&Rob's bday.

And then December came and I moved my blog over here, to blogspot.

Family trip to Belgium.

Then I finished Uni off and off I went to Lithuania. Family, friends, birthday, parties, shopping, Christmas, New Year and everything else. One of the greatest things for me this year is that I fell in love and I thought that was never going to happen. I was certain that I am not the kind of person who falls in love, but I was wrong. 

Sorry for slacking with this blog, I got an email today, with some good news (more about that in the future) and I am back to blogging non stop! Keep checking in! :)



  1. Aw this post was amazing, loved it! Happy new year love!

  2. nerealus tavo metukai buvo, smagu ziureti spalvingas fotkes :)))


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