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My Wednesday here was very calm and girly. In the day time I went out
 for lunch with Ausma and then we drove around for hours talking 
which was very good to catch up with each other. 
And then I got home and decided to go to the shop, get some food and make my way 
over to Miranda's house for a girly evening. 
We drank champagne, talked, and tried to break a coconut :))

My outfit from that day and my amazing lunch.

Then on Thursday my baby was back in town so we all met up in our second
 home in the winter which is 'kakadu' - a pizza place and chilled there and 
after that we carried on in 'Cili pica' - another pizza place before heading home 
to get some sleep before Friday. Sadly I think my phone was dying and we didn't 
take any pictures that night. 

Then on Friday me and Ausma decided to go to Vilnius  early in the morning 
for a girly day out shopping! 

Guess who I met with??? Migle from VilniusGotFashion!!! click here
Such a lovely girl, hope they get back to regular blogging!

Guess where I finally went? To the GRLA showroom! <3
 I will show you what I got in a separate post.

In the even we all met up in our second home again (lol) and drank before going to
 'Akmenelis' AKA 'Puntukas' haha which is a place they call a night club here. :D

Finally met Aine!;* 'Uz jaunas, nekaltas nu ir auksuotas ciuju' :D 

Random image from Friday night! Su Arnu susiderinom :) 


  1. gaila nezinojau, kad vilniuj buvai :( na kita karta tikrai pagausiu :D

    1. Kazkaip man reikia atvaryt vasara keliom dienom, nes visada as su reikalais! :/


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